Love, Kaitlyn

Feeling nostalgic, always yearning, breathing, keeps me afloat.

Dear Someone,

I wished that we would talk this year but it appears as if Fate has spoken and our paths seem to be branching off in different directions; they were never really one path anyway, merely two separate paths moving side by side for the span of time that they did.

At times you seemed like and ass; you probably were, someone I wouldn’t want to be interested in.

Most of the time though you… there was so much about you that was too intoxicating not to make you intriguing.  Your scent was a killer.

The feelings that I have for you are nothing more than an infatuation, I know.  At least, that’s what my mind tells me.  It was never more, especially on your side.  How could it have been?  You never knew.

But still sometimes my heart wonders, did you like me too?

This is a letter I wrote to a boy that I like about… two weeks ago when I graduated.  Of course, he never got the letter.  I never tell…

Anyways, I just wanted to write it down without people knowing who I was talking to so I addressed it to “Someone”.

However, his name will forever remain sacred within my heart, the hidden places.


Summer Fun

Hopefully one of my summer adventures.

While reading the Weekender that comes in the Daily Press this Friday, I happened upon an article talking about Friday nights in Big Bear.  The place has always charmed me despite what my family says and now seeing this little snippet talking about “shopping, restraunts, arts & crafts fair, and live music” makes it all the more intriguing.

If only my mom and I had a car.  Of course, there’s always my friend, Libby.

There’s something about Big Bear that just… gives me a sense of yearning.  My ideal place to live would be in the forest and with Big Bear in the San Bernadino Mountains, it’s surrounded by the kind of atmosphere that I wished I lived in.

Maybe it gives me a sense of hope too–what you truly want is never far away.

Will you take me as I am?

I hope I can define myself as classy and fabulous.

Summer is here in… five days.  I am thrilled beyond words because this time it feels different.  I’ve made it through high school and now my life unfolds before me with glorious mysteries and possibilities, arms open wide.

It scares me and uplifts me.  Is there any other way that it could happen?  Probably not.

Life is a mystery and an answer.  A tragedy and a comedy.  A flask filled with hatred and a romance novel.  One day, we’ll be able to fit it all together.

For now?  I’m looking forward to my perfect summer.

“Some beach somewhere, there’s a big umbrella casting shade over an empty chair. Palm trees are growing, warm breezes blowing. I picture myself there, some beach somewhere.”

Random Quote: Silence

I have always felt alienated from words, attacked by them, silenced by them, ignored by them, words have never been fast friends. I listen to the voices that come from my heart, and scream from my guts, I am more than what you see.

Found at Think Exist and it really reminded me of myself in a way.  I write stories but I’ve never really liked talking.